Latest news from August 7, 2021

Dear Revolte Camp’ attendees,

There is only one week left before the beginning of the Revolte Camp’! We can’t wait to welcome you. The whole team is on deck. In the meantime, it is important to take into account some things so that the event is a success and that you don’t miss anything when you arrive! Here’s a little recap of what you need to bring. Let’s start with the least fun part:

Administrative documents :

HEALTH PASS: In order to respect the COVID rules, if you are over 18 (minors are exempt), you must bring a health pass. Without it, you will not be able to access the camp. The following documents are valid and will be checked before entering the camp (see French government poster on the health pass):

  • Proof of having completed a vaccination programme (two doses of an EU-approved vaccine: Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca or Johnson & Johnson)
  • A negative PCR or antigen test taken within the last 48 hours
  • A Covid-19 recovery certificate that is less than six months old

ID CARD: You must also bring an identity document: either an ID card or passport. This is mandatory. We also advise you to bring your health card in case of an accident.

Important : documents to be sent back

FOR MINORS: parental authorization (access will be refused if it is not given to us before August 13) + authorization for image rights

FOR ADULTS: authorization for image rights

STEP 1 : Click here to get the documents to send

STEP 2 : Click here to upload the completed and signed documents (if you don’t have a google account or if you have difficulties, you can send the documents to the address “”)

STEP 3 : About transportation : Transportation form (departure/arrival on the camp)

Click here for French form

Click here for English form

Without your identity card, health pass, and the parental authorization for minors, we will not be able to welcome you to Revolte Camp’. It is essential that you think about it! Please contact us if you need help translating any documents from French to English or if you are unclear on any details.

Now, let’s talk about vacations!

You can join the participants’ conversation in French on Telegram here:

You can join the international participants’ conversation in English on Whatsapp here:

What you should bring to camp :

A shower towel and your hygiene products

Change if you want to access the refreshment and pancake stands

Masks to protect yourself against COVID19


Your medication if you have a health problem

A notebook to take notes during the training sessions

A musical instrument if you want to share your talents with us!

A camera

Board games if they fit in your suitcase!

A raincoat

If you have chosen the camping option :

A tent

A ground sheet

A comforter

A flashlight

Possibly, warm clothes for the night

Here you go! Your suitcase ready, we are waiting for you at the Gîte de la Grange Ouverte, 86 700, in Romagne, France! The adventure will start on Saturday August 14th and will end on Friday August 20th. Pack your stuff and bring your good mood for your upcoming vacation!

If you need to contact us or if you have a question:

Program announcement

This year, Revolt Camp offers a vast program of trainings, workshops, and stands- enough to fill our minds to the brim during a convivial and festive week! Come and meet speakers, authors, trade union activists, members of civic associations, political personalities, and workers who have prepared activities and conferences for our reflection. Each and every one of us will leave this unique week with new tools to fight for a better world! How can we rethink our economic model so that it is in harmony with the environment and the real needs of human beings? How should we advocate and fight in our connected society? What does the daily life and women’s rights look like since the rise of #MeToo? What is the place of education and citizenship in contemporary society? It will be exciting to think through so many major topics together! We have a lot of work to do!